Some Reputable Auction Houses Found in Paris, France

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Some Reputable Auction Houses Found in Paris, France – France always becomes one of the best destinations when it talks about arts. Many masterpieces, great artworks, famous artists, and even world-class art museums can be found in France, especially Paris as the main city of France. Then, those who love to have collections of arts can also go to France because they can find many great auction houses and some of them are world-class auction houses that run the salesrooms and auctions in France. These are some most popular and interesting auction houses in France, especially in Paris.

Drouot becomes the first recommendation. This auction house and venue was founded in 1852 and it makes the auction house as one of the oldest and most popular ones in France. The auction house has quite huge venues and it has around 74 salesroom. With this, it is not strange that the auction house can run up to 2000 auctions in year. Drouot is big name in term of auction, and it has two locations. First, it can be found in Hotel Drouot on Rue Drouot. The second one is at Drouot Montmatre in 185h District. For those who visit the auction house and venue in Drouot Hotel, they can find nice café that will be so unique and artistic called Adjuge. So far, it is one of the notable auction houses in the world. Its popularity makes around 4000 visitors coming to the auction house every day and it has great significance in Parisian art communities.

Osenat Auction becomes the next recommendation. It has its salesrooms in some areas in France, such as Paris, Versailles, and Fontainebleau. Among those salesroom, the one located at Versailles becomes the newest one and it was established in September 2019. The opening of Versailles auction house becomes significant effort of Osenat in France. It tries to bring bigger influence in selling artworks. The president of the auction house also has goals to increase the sales especially in antique furniture with the establishment of Versailles salesroom. Its opening was awesome by auctioning artwork of Jean-Pierre Jouve. Because of that, the new auction house can gain good popularity and it can grow quite well in France.

Next French auction house is Piasa. It is located at prestigious location on rue de Faubourg Saint-Honore that is in the center of Paris. Piasa is not only great in selling and auctioning artworks, but its interior design is also notable because its decoration and designs are results of collaboration with many famous interior designers in France. The location of the Piasa is near rue Drouot where there is also famous Drouot auction house. However, Piasa still can get its own success since 1996 until now. Focuses on auction are on interior architectures and decorative items for interior so it is quite different for other auction houses in France. Thus, the auction house still run competitively with its different focus of sales.

Another auction house with certain focus of sales is Tajan. Tajan was established in 1994. At first, it did not have specific focuses in its auctions. However, it changes after 2003. In 2003, Tajan has new owner and the new owner wants to have further focus on modern dn contemporary arts. This gives good impacts on the auction house. One of the its best sales was the Une fleur et une figure as the masterpiece of Fernand Leger and it was sold for around $734,000. Tajan can be found in Paris, but there are also other locations, such as Cannes, Lyon, and Nice. As for the Tajan Paris, it was built on the former bank from era of 1920s so it has nice building design.

When it talks about auction house, it will not be complete when it does not mention Sotheby’s auction house. This is an international auction house with many locations in different countries. In France, Paris salesroom is its best location. The Paris Sotheby’s auction house was also quite old. It was founded in 1968. With its reputable name in the world of auctions, there is nothing to doubt regarding its popularity. Thus, it can still run the business even after 40 years. Sotheby’s auction house in Paris was built in the are of second French Empire and it has its own significance in the world of art in France. In its operations, Sotheby’s auction house does not only hold auctions, but there are also exhibitions, cultural events,a dn lectures.

Christie’s also has its own auction house in Paris. Christie’s Paris is part of the Christie’s International. It is similar to Sotheby’s that has gained huge reputation in the world of auctions. However, Christie’s Paris is much younger than Sotheby’s Paris because the auction house of Christie in Paris was founded in 2001. The auctions held by the auction houses cover many fields of collections. There are precious books and manuscripts, European Ceramics, Oceanic Artworks, 19th century paintings, and even collections of rare wines.

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