Some Great Auction Houses in France

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Some Great Auction Houses in France – France is known as the nation with many kinds of arts. Many beautiful artworks can be found in France and there are also artists. Paintings, sculptures, and other kinds of artworks can be found in France. In this case, transactions of artworks are also supported by auction houses. Paris, and other cities in France has many auction houses, and some of them are very popular even in the world. One of them is Artcurial. This is one of the best auction houses that can be found in France. Even, its reputations can be compared with Sotheby’s, Christie’s and also Philips auction houses that have gained popularity in selling and buying world class artworks. In France, Artcurial becomes the leader in selling various artworks in great prices. Those who are looking for great collections can always check the lists offered by the auction house. Even in 2018 and 2019, Artcurial has sold around 663 works of arts from different categories. All of them were sold at $10.9 million and it is great achievement to make.

Regular auction houses may even need to run the business for some years to get the same achievements. Of course, the numbers cannot be compared to the total sales in the whole auction houses in the world, but the sales made by Artcurial is enough to make comparable to the popular auction houses such as Sotheby’s auction houses that is more popular and famous. One of the best sale made by the auction house is Verre et Pichet made by Pablo Picasso that was sold more than $1 million and the table Centrale made by Jean Prouve that was sold almost $1.5 million.

Next auction house is Christie’s International in Paris. Christie’s auction house has run its business in France since 2001. The location was great and it is located in area called as art district in Paris. Its location can be found between Champs Elysees and Faubourg Saint Honore. There are many special items sold in Christie’ auction house, such as books and manuscripts, 19th century painting, European ceramics, and jewelries. Because of its special locations, it brings special benefits for the auction house although it will also be quite expensive to get the business run well in the strategic location.

However, the business still can run well since 2001 until now and it has become one of the most popular auction houses in France. It will not be complete when it does not mention Sotheby’s auction house. In fact, Sotheby’s is international auction house and it has salesroom located in Paris. It is similar to Christie’s that also belongs to international auction house. However, Sotheby’s in Paris was established longer than Christie’s. The auction houses opened in 1968. It is also located in the strategic area between the Champs Elysees and Galerie Charpentier. The building was already there since the era of second French Empire and it was still maintained until now. Sotheby’s auction house actually is not only found in Paris, but there are also salesrooms in Lille, Montpelier, Toulouse, and also Marseille. In Paris, it holds up to 40 auctions and there are also other events such as lectures and exhibitions.

Next auction house is Bonhams Paris. This is located in special location because people can find the building of the auction house near the Louvre. It is on the area of rue de la Paix. There are more than 50 categories of collections that can be found in the auction house and it is much respected among the international auction houses. As for its establishment, it was founded in 1973. It was owned privately. Even so, it has great influence in the world of auction houses, especially in the area Paris where there are many big names in there. Cornette de Saint-Cyr is regarded as one of the best auction houses in France. In term of sales, it even ever got the second place among other auction houses in Paris. Around 2018 and 2019, its sales reached $4.1 million and it got around 18% of turnover from the sales. The auction house was established in 1973 and it could gain huge popularity even after its establishment. No wonder that currently it becomes one of the best auction houses in France. In a year, the auction house can hold up to 60 charitable auctions so its sales and activities are huge. Collections and records of items and sales make the name of this auction get more popular.

Tajan was an auction house founded in 1994. However, it changes ownership in 2003 and it gets transformation after the change of ownership. With the new owner, the auction house focuses on modern and contemporary artworks to be auctioned. One of the notable sales is the Portrait of Wayne Gretzky created by Andy Warhol and it was sold around $420,000. The current building of Tajan auction house was former bank in 1920s and it has nice art deco style. Tajan is not only found in Paris, but its auction house can also be found in Nice and Cannes.

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